About Us

Precision Antibody™—a wholly owned service division of A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc.— has become recognized as a preeminent contract antibody development company. On average, Precision Antibody can complete a project four to five times faster than our competition, with a success rate exceeding 90%. Since our establishment in 2000, Precision Antibody has developed more than 1,000 novel, customized antibodies for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as federal and academic research laboratories.

Precision Antibody™ services are distinguished by:

  • Consistently rapid turnaround on projects that yield successful custom development of high-affinity, high-content, application-specific antibodies

  • Ability to deliver on challenging projects, such as antibodies that recognize a single amino acid mutation, cleavage site-specific antibodies, or antibodies with a Kd as low as 1 x 10-12 M
  • No-risk guarantee whereby Precision Antibody™ assumes the majority of the financial risk until successful antibodies are delivered to the client.

A&G’s Precision Antibody™ employs a staff of 20 based in an 8,000-square-foot laboratory facility in Columbia, Maryland.