Mammalian Cell Banking

Cell culture is our specialty.

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Precision Antibody™ now provides comprehensive mammalian cell banking services to insure your antibody assets. We produce banks of 20 to 500 vials per lot of adherent or suspension cells with GLP batch records for use in R&D and process development applications. Our service features:

  • Banks with vial-to-vial uniformity, enabling different labs within an organization to work with identical cells
  • Cells with high viability upon expansion
  • Cells with stable long-term storage capability—cells remain identical throughout the duration of long-term development projects
  • Complete GLP Batch documentation
  • Cells guaranteed to be contaminant-free

Cell propagation, cryopreservation, & distribution service.

The client will provide Precision Antibody with a vial of cryopreserved cells. The culture will be expanded according to the clients protocol. A sufficient quantity of cells will be produced to deliver cryovials of cells at a density of 5x106 cell/ml or by other client specified instructions. Precision Antibody will freeze the cells as a single batch using a controlled rate freezer and will test a portion of the vials produced for viability, growth characteristics, sterility and mycoplasma contamination. Precision Antibody will label and hold the vials in liquid Nitrogen prior to shipment. A batch record will be delivered for each production.


VialsPer VialTotal

Cell Banking, Storage, & Maintenance Program

Safeguard your cells using Precision Antibodys cryopreservation facility. Our storage and maintenance program protects your assets and assures long-lasting viability of your cells. Precision Antibody takes the extra step with your storage needs by conducting an annual quality control and assurance check-up program. Under this program, Precision Antibody will:

  • Store your vials under GLP conditions

Plus +

  • Thaw & expand your cells annually
  • Document the viability of the cells
  • Document production for monoclonal antibodies, if applicable
  • Check for contamination
  • Expand and refreeze the cells
  • Provide complete GLP batch documentation
Storage of 20 vials for one-year with annual quality control and assurance check-up program.

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