Custom Anti-ID Antibody Service

Precision Antibody has extensive experience developing anti-idiotypic antibodies (anti-idiotype). Anti-idiotypes are typically raised against the CDR regions (idiotype) of the drug antibody. Therefore monoclonal antibodies raised against the idiotype are capable of uniquely identifying drug antibodies in biological fluid where other human antibodies co-exist, such as serum from patients receiving antibody drug. Accordingly, anti-idiotype antibodies are used in pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic studies. Typically, our customers are requesting the development of capture and detection antibodies for sandwich EIA to be used for quantification of drug antibodies in patient serum.

Anti-Idiotype Directed against CDR regions

Our team of immunologists (aka hybridominators) has developed a successful immunization protocol that has vastly improved the generation of anti-idiotypic antibodies. We have developed anti-idiotypes for large and small biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers.

Our team offers free consultation of your project and a detailed quote. Before the anti-id project starts, we will provide a detailed statement of work (SOW) and timeline. A typical anti-id antibody project takes around 60 to 70 days. Our quote includes screening against the drug antibody and up to 4 counter screens. We provide phase in pricing to reduce the risk for our clients.

All the clones developed for anti-id projects are your property. Precision Antibody does not retain any ownership. We are happy to exchange CDA, NDA, & MSA.

Please fill in our online form and a specialist will get back to you about your project.