Custom Antibody Services

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development

Precision Antibody is a leader in custom monoclonal antibody development services. Our antibody team strives to deliver successful projects to our customers in record time—40 to 60 days for monoclonal projects. We are known for our personal service, speed, confidentiality, and our success-based guarantee. Learn more about our boutique service.

Antibody Production Services

Precision Antibody is a one-stop solution for antibody production and purification services. Our manufacturing facility is capable of small-scale as well as bulk production of any antibody clone both in vitro and in ascites. Learn more about our production and purification capabilities.

Biacore™ Analysis

Introducing our cost-effective new Biacore 3000 analysis services, to help you choose the right antibodies for your assays and provide essential information for your antibody characterization. Learn more about our Biacore 3000 analysis services.

Mammalian Cell Banking

Precision Antibody™ provides comprehensive mammalian cell banking services. We produce banks of 20 to 500 vials per lot of adherent or suspension cells with GLP batch records for use in R&D and process development applications. Learn more about our mammalian cell banking services.

Other Services

Precision Antibody provides other services, such as characterization of purified antibodies including isotype determination, affinity determination by BIACore, cryopreservation of clones, and conjugation of antibodies. Our staff immunologists are here to help you. Learn more about these services.

Request a Quote

Please submit your enquirers via the on-line quote form. By learning more about your project, we maybe able to help you design better antigens and screening methods. Also, we will provide an accurate quote & timelines for your project. Please submit your enquires via the web or talk to our resident scientists at 410-884-4100 with your specific questions.

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