Monoclonal Antibody Development

Why Precision Antibody for Custom Antibody Development?

Precision Antibody™ has been providing comprehensive service for high quality rapid antibody development to pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and federal laboratory customers for over 10 years. Our antibody team strives to deliver successful projects to our customers in 40 to 60 days for standard monoclonal antibody projects. We are known for our personal service, cutting edge technology, speed, confidentiality, and delivering antibodies that work in our client’s intended assay.

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Custom Antibody Expertise with:

  • Anti-idiotypic Antibodies
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Anti-neoepitope Antibodies
  • Anti-receptor Antibodies
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Proteomic Antibodies
  • Small Molecule Antibodies

It is never too early to start planning for antibody development. A carefully planned antibody development strategy almost always provides good results. Before you start antigen preparation, you must have a well-defined screening strategy in place. Please start talking to us when you anticipate the need for developing antibodies to your target. We will work with you to develop the antibody reagent you need. We provide personal attention to each custom antibody project. A development of antibodies that recognize the antigen in EIA is usually not sufficient. Successful development of antibody reagent that meets your application is our goal and we measure our success attaining that goal. We pride ourselves on having a success rate of over 90% for our projects. Please feel free to contact us with your specific project.

Every antibody development project is unique and understanding of biology behind each project is important. Precision Antibody scientists have vast scientific background in immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and cancer biology. Your project starts with in-depth discussion with detailed attention to your needs between the PI and our scientists. Particular attention will be given to your intended assay so that we can help you choose appropriate immunogen and screening strategies.  We will provide a quote based on the discussion. If you choose to go forward, we will provide an SOW that covers the scope of the project.

Scientists at our R&D department are continually improving our state-of-the-art proprietary technology to achieve cost effective development of quality antibodies to serve you better. All development processes are performed at our Columbia Maryland facility.

Top Ten Precision Antibody Competitive Advantages

  1. Rapid development of antibodies (mono and poly).
  2. High success rate (>90%)
  3. High content mAB development.
  4. High affinity antibody development.
  5. mAB development to difficult and rare epitopes.
  6. High throughput Robotic Automation.
  7. Highly trained and experienced staff.
  8. In depth discussion and understanding of customer needs.
  9. Comprehensive Services.
  10. Proven track-record for delivering quality mAbs to a wide variety of antigens.

Our Typical Project Flow & Time Line

Project flow and time line depends on the nature of the project and differs from project to project. However, in a typical project with immunogenic protein antigens, we will be able to complete the project in about 50 days.

  1. Antibody production inquiry received by Precision Antibody (PA).
  2. PA customer service contacts client to engage in discussion (antigen design, immunization strategies, screening strategies) to determine the best strategy to achieve client’s needs.
  3. PA send quote based on the discussion.
  4. Receipt of PO or credit card order. Generate SOW. <Phase I invoice>
  5. Antigen preparation (If PA asked to synthesize peptide, it will take 2-3 weeks).
  6. Immunization starts and customer receives notification.
  7. Tail bleed titer check by EIA. Results are sent to the customer for discussion how to proceed. Titer: 1:30,000 ~ 1:100,000
  8. Fusion. <Phase II invoice>
  9. Cloning and sups tested by EIA for initial screening.
  10. Expansion of positive clones, confirmatory EIA, collection of 3~5ml sup to be sent to the client for verification. <Phase III invoice>
  11. Expansion of clones selected by the client.
  12. Delivery of clones. <Phase IV invoice>

Types of Projects Performed in the Past

Our monoclonal antibody service has extensive experience delivering antibodies that meet our client’s need including the most challenging projects. Our Precision Antibody™ team has developed custom monoclonal antibodies to targets including parasites, cancer-specific surface antigens, GPCRs, hormones, growth factors and their receptors, glycoproteins, peptides, proteins and their modification sites (mutation site-specific, phosphorylation site-specific, cleavage site-specific, etc), and other antigens such as small-molecule compounds and DNA. Challenging projects we have accomplished include the development of single amino-acid mutation site-specific monoclonal antibodies, conformation-specific monoclonal antibodies, anti-idiotype monoclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies to GPCR and other multispan receptors as well as antibodies that have a Kd as low as 1 x 10-12 M. We have created antibodies for various applications, such as functional assays,  immunoprecipitation, IHC, IF, flow cytometry, western blot, and EIA. Please talk to our experienced researchers regarding your project and application.

Our track records and credentials

We are preferred service provider for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We also provide BPA for NIH researchers. We are recognized by government agencies as quality antibody developer that provides comprehensive service as evident from our track record for being selected as antibody development contractor for the following initiatives.

  • F-SAIC / NCI Clinical for Proteomic Technologies for Cancer (CPTC): Development gold standard mAbs for cancer biomarkers.
  • F-SAIC / NCI Clinical for Proteomic Technologies for Cancer (CPTC): Antibody & antigen characterization by Biacore™ Analysis Service, ELISA, Western blot analyses, isotyping, & antigen characterization by SDS-PAGE.
  • NIAID Malaria Vaccine Production and Support Services contract administered by SAIC.
  • Blanket Purchase Agreement (HHSN263201000041B) for NIH Researchers for:  (1) Custom Monoclonal/Polyclonal Antibody Development (2) Small and Large Scale Antibody Production, and (3) Biacore Analysis Service.

4 Phase Pricing

We have milestone based phased in pricing to help our clients as we move along the project. At each phase, we provide data so that our clients can make informed decision to move forward there by minimizing their risk. Good communication throughout the course of the project is an essential part leading to a successful completion of the project.


We send 3-5 ml culture supernatants collected from hybridoma clones producing monoclonal antibodies against the target antigen to our customers for validation in their assay. Clones chosen by the customer through their validation process will be expanded and cryopreserved. Precision Antibody provides three vials of frozen cells per clone.

Standard Turnaround:

40 to 60 days.

Most antibody developers feel that developing one ELISA-positive antibody recognizing your antigen is sufficient for payment. At Precision Antibody™, we strive to develop antibodies that meet your specific application needs. If we fail to deliver at least one clone that works for your specific application, we waive the Phase IV payment. Our success rate in delivering clones that work in our clients’ application is over 90%

IP & confidentiality:

All the clones developed are yours. Precision Antibody does not retain any ownership. We are happy to exchange CDA, NDA, & MSA.

Volume Discount:

Precision Antibody has been selected as preferred service provider by pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Precision Antibody provides volume discounts. Please inquire about volume discount with Dr. Jun Hayashi, V.P. of Precision Antibody at 410-884-4100.

Other Antibody Services:

  • Antibody Fragmentation

    Precision Antibody offers antibody fragmentation service to customers. Fragmentation will be achieved by papain or pepsin digestion to produce F(ab) or F(ab’)2 fragments, respectively. Both F(ab) and F(ab’)2 fragments will be purified. Purity will be assessed by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot analysis. Please inquire about this service.

  • Antibody Conjugation

    Precision Antibody offers conjugation of enzymes (HRP, AP, etc), fluorochromes (FITC, RITC, Alexa, etc.), and biotin conjugation to your antibody. Please inquire about this service.

To contact our staff for your next antibody project:

Call us at 410-884-4100, email, or try our online quote request form. We provide free consultation and an exact price quote for all antibody projects.

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