Octet Analysis Services

Octet Analysis Services

The Octet RED96 SystemThe Octet RED96 System

The detection and characterization of antibody-antigen interactions using equipment capable of a real time label-free binding analysis have introduced a new era in antibody screening and characterization. Since 2006, Precision Antibody has been providing antibody characterization services using Biacore 3000™, a Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based real time binding kinetic analysis machine. We are now proud to announce the addition of the Octet RED96 from ForteBio to enhance our cutting edge antibody characterization capabilities and services. The Octet Red96 uses Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology for the detection of label-free real time molecular interaction analysis.

The Octet Red96 can perform up to 8 label-free binding assays at one time, allowing high throughput antibody screening and characterization. The technology is fully integrated into our custom monoclonal antibody development so that it can be implemented to screen and further characterize monoclonal antibodies candidates. This allows us to better assist our customers in selecting the best hybridoma clones suited for their intended application.

The following are Octet services that Precision Antibody provides our customers:

  1. Confirmatory Octet Screening of monoclonal antibodies using unlabeled free antigen in solution.
  2. Antibody Quantification - Determine the amount of IgG present in your sample.
  3. Antibody Scouting / Affinity Based Antibody Ranking - Determine on/off rates and KD ranking of samples.
  4. Epitope Binning / Antibody Pairing - Identification of antibodies binding to different epitopes on the target antigen.
  5. Antibody Isotyping - Identify the isotype (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, etc.) of your antibody.
  6. Full Binding Kinetic Analysis - A detailed real time measurement of on/off rates (ka & kd) and binding affinity constant (KD) determination.
  7. Small Molecule Kinetics - Evaluate the binding of small molecules to a sample of interest.
  8. Octet Custom Assays - Precision Antibody provides assay development and probe optimization.

Both the Biacore™ and Octet based analyses are stand-alone services available to customers interested in binding kinetic analyses. The label-free real time binding kinetic analyses are not restricted to antibody-antigen interactions. Please contact us regarding your project and we will be happy to provide a quote and Statement of Work (SOW) defining your project.

Materials Needed for Octet Analysis Service:

  • Adequate quantities of samples (depends on the number of assays and KD)
  • Molecular Weights of samples
  • Concentration of samples


At the end of the Octet Red96 analysis project, our team provides a sensorgram of antibody antigen interaction and a summary of the kinetic data (ka, kd, KD).


Typically, a project will be completed within one week after receiving your materials. If Octet screening is incorporated into an entire monoclonal development project, this timeline will be adjusted to fit within the scope of a typical mAb development timeline.

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About Octet Red96 System

  • A microfluidics-free molecular interaction detection system based on Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology.
  • Can measure 8 samples in parallel for kinetics or concentration determination.
  • Provides binding kinetic parameters, ka, kd, and KD.
  • Rapid determination of antibody concentration in hybridoma culture supernatant.
  • Biosensors are disposable with optional regeneration.
  • A real time measurement of association rate constant (ka) 10 ~ 107 M-1 s-1, dissociation rate constant (kd) 10-6 ~ 10-1 s-1, and binding affinity constant (KD).
  • Detection of small molecule (> 150 Daltons) binding interaction.
  • Analysis temperature range 4 °C to 40 °C.

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