Other Services

Antibody Purification

Precision Antibody will purify antibodies from bioreactors, supernatants, ascites, and serum using protein A or protein G affinity chromatography. We also offer confirmation of the purity of the antibody assessed by SDS-PAGE. Please inquire about this service.

Antibody Characterization

Precision Antibody assists customers to determine isotype of the monoclonal antibodies produced by the hybridoma. Moreover, we provide state of the art technology to determine antibody affinity towards the antigen using Biacore™. Biacore provides real time on and off rates of your antibody interactions with your antigen and provides accurate KD determination. Biacore can also be used for epitope mapping. Please inquire about this service.

Antibody Fragmentation

Precision Antibody offers antibody fragmentation service to customers. Fragmentation will be achieved by papain or pepsin digestion to produce F(ab) or F(ab’)2 fragments, respectively. Both F(ab) and F(ab’)2 fragments will be purified. Purity will be assessed by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot analysis. Please inquire about this service.

Antibody Conjugation

Precision Antibody offers conjugation of enzymes (HRP, AP, etc), fluorochromes (FITC, RITC, Alexa, etc.), and biotin conjugation to your antibody. Please inquire about this service.


Precision Antibody will preserve your clones in cryogenic storage facilities for safekeeping. Please inquire about this service.

Antibody Chimerization Services

Precision Antibody’s parent company, A&G Pharmaceutical, has successfully chimerized therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. We offer chimerization service and support to customers that require humanization of their monoclonal antibody. Please contact us about this service.

To contact our staff for any of these services, please call us at 410-884-4100, email orders@precisionantibody.com, or try our online quote request form. We provide free consultation and an exact price quote for all projects.

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