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Convert Polyclonal to Monoclonal

Precision Antibody Service (PAS) is proud to announce a NEW antibody service, Poly to Mono Conversion Package. Making monoclonal antibodies can require a large budget allocation. You would like to have assurance that at the end of the project you will have monoclonal antibodies that works in your intended assay. We have a solution to address your dilemma! Now you can initiate a mouse Polyclonal Antibody Projects (Poly) with antigens and validate the antigen before you proceed with Monoclonal Antibody development (Mono).

Here is How it Works

  1. Start mouse polyclonal projects with antigens.
  2. The tail bleed hyperimmune sera are delivered to your lab in 3 weeks.
  3. Identify the serum that gives you positive results in your specific assay.
  4. Convert the validated Poly into Mono.
  5. Upon conversion, Precision Antibody gives 60% discount towards PAB development cost to customer. (Regular cost of 1 ml PAB development is $800. You will be charged only $320 for each Poly project when you convert to Mono project)

The Benefits

This Poly Mono Conversion Package helps you identifying the antigen epitope to which you need to develop Monoclonal Antibody against for your assay to work. Start as many Poly projects as you need and convert the Poly project that gave you the best results to Mono project thus assuring your chance of successful monoclonal antibody development. Our Poly to Mono Conversion Package helps you avoid expensive mistakes of developing Monoclonal Antibodies against the wrong epitopes.

All of our monoclonal projects are backed by our guarantee: If we do not deliver on a monoclonal for your application, then you will not be charged for the cloning phase of the project, which is $4,000.

Example Poly Mono Conversion Project

You need to develop monoclonal antibodies against the protein you discovered. You would like to use the antibody to detect the protein in tissue samples by immunohistochemistry (IHC). The protein is very difficult to express, so 4 peptides corresponding to different regions of an intact protein were made. However you are not sure which peptide will produce mAB that detects intact protein in IHC application. You certainly would not want to develop monoclonal antibodies to each peptide antigens.


  1. PAS will start 4 separate Polyclonal projects for each peptide. ($320 x 4)
  2. PAS will send you the tail bleed hyperimmune sera from all Poly projects in ~3 weeks.
  3. You will test each serum in your IHC assay to determine which anti-peptide serum gave good results.
  4. PAS will convert the Poly with the positive assay results and turn it into a Mono project. ($8,500)

Precision Antibody Service (PAS)

We develop high affinity antibodies to difficult antigens: We have made antibodies specific to idiotypes, cleavage sites, mutation sites, phosphorylation sites, confirmations, ion channels, GPCRs to name a few.

Our team prides ourselves on customer service. In particular, we help customers with their antigen design using proprietary algorithms and know-how accumulated through over 1200 successful projects delivered in the past 10 years . PAS also provides affinity determination and relative epitope mapping through our Biacore™ Analysis Service.

Given our high success rate, we offer a success-based guarantee: If we do not deliver at least one clone that works for your specific application, we will waive payment for the final cloning phase ($4,000).

Please note that all the hybridoma clones generated are owned by the customer. Your projects remain strictly confidential.

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