Polyclonal Antibody Development

Rapid Polyclonal Manufacturing (RPM) in 21 Days.

Rev up your research with the fastest polyclonal protocol ever.  Precision Antibody’s Rabbit RPM (2 rabbits per protocol) delivers IgG hyperimmune serum in 21 days.

Precision Antibody will perform a titer check at day 21 and provide you the results.  Typically,  the titer on Precision Antibody’s 21 day rabbit is between 1:30,000~1;100,000. Titer is defined as serum dilution to achieve A620=0.15 where the control reading is A620=0.05 in EIA assay.

The terminal bleed can be performed at any time after 21 days. Rabbits can be kept for longer period of time for continued immunization and production bleed. Rabbit RPM provides speed, convenience, & flexibility to your polyclonal project.

Rabbit RPM service accelerates your project time line by providing rapid confirmation of your working hypothesis/proof of concept.

Please note that all the antibodies developed are your property. Precision Antibody does not retain any ownership. We are happy to exchange CDA, NDA, & MSA.

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Featured Benefits:

  • Diversity - Multiple species with several standard protocol options, or the ability to customize the project approach, are available for immunizing animals and harvesting serum.
  • Dedicated Project Manager(s) – A project developer will work with you to develop the project. A dedicated project manager will assume control of your project. The project manager will schedule a project initiation teleconference with you to finalize any details, then keep you updated on the status of your project and consult with you as the project progresses.
  • Accreditation(s) –All antibody generation work is done within an “AALACC” approved facility within the state of Maryland, USA. Animals, other than mice, are housed in a USDA licensed, FDA inspected, OLAW assured facility.
  • “One Stop Shop” - Precision offers a wide range services such as antigen preparation such as peptide design, synthesis and conjugation or protein expression. We can immunize with proteins, peptides, DNA, cells/cell lysates, and more. Additional services include antibody/affinity purification along with mouse mono-conversion options, among others. Please inquire.
  • Ownership of Antibodies - All antibodies are the sole property of the client. The antibodies developed and produced at Precision Antibody are for laboratory and research use only.

Our services include:

  • Peptide design, synthesis, and carrier protein conjugation.
  • Immunization - standard immunization, custom (client suggested), and proprietary adjuvant system protocols are available.
  • Serum collection pre-immune, test, production, and terminal bleeds along with titer determination.
  • Antibody purification services.
  • Diverse species selection for polyclonal antibody generation. Immunizations can be performed in mice, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs rabbits, sheep, goats, donkey, llama, alpaca, camel, swine, equine and some additional species not listed.

Selecting the best species for your application:

  • Rabbits - Most commonly used host species as it responds quickly to many different antigens and produces
  • Hamster/Guinea Pig - work well in secondary species labeling.
  • Mouse & Rat: Only used when generating small volumes of antibody, as a proof of concept, or in monoclonal antibody production conversion projects. 
  • Ungulates, hoofed or other large animals such as Sheep, Goat, Llama, Camel – typically used in large-scale production of polyclonal antibodies or in application specific scenarios.

Bleed Options

  • Control bleeds (pre-immune)
  • Test-bleeds (titer determination) sent to customer (small amount is retained by precision for Titer determination).
  • Production bleeds.
  • Terminal bleed (exsanguination) in certain species.
Protocols Sequence of booster injections, and bleeds per animal

Timeline (in days)
Rapid -
Rabbit & Mouse Only
Proprietary immunization schedule and adjuvant system;
3 blood collections rabbit,
titer check and terminal bleed in mouse (option to convert to a monoclonal antibody development project)
In as little as 21 days
Fast 3 immunizations; 
3 blood collections
53 Days
Standard 4 immunizations;
3 blood collections
73 Days

To contact our staff for your next antibody project:

Call us at 410-884-4100, email orders@precisionantibody.com, or try our online quote request form. We provide free consultation and an exact price quote for all antibody projects.