Frequently Asked Questions

Quotes & Ordering

How do I get an antibody development/production quote?

Please fill out an online quote request form, e-mail us at, or call us directly at 410-884-4100. We would like to talk with you about your specific project so that we can plan an appropriate strategy and provide you with an accurate quote.

How do I place a monoclonal antibody development order?

Please call us directly at 410-884-4100 to place an order, fax your purchase order to 410-884-1607, or e-mail us at with your P.O. attachment in pdf file. Before you place an order, we would first like to discuss details and strategy for your specific project. Scientist from Precision Antibody will contact you.

Do you have any guarantees?

We have a tiered payment structure for standard monoclonal antibody projects that protect customers from the inherent risks associated with antibody development. Upon commencement of the project, start-up fee and costs associated with antigen preparation will be billed. The remaining portion of the standard project will only be charged upon successful completion of the project. We have over 90% success rate developing antibodies that suits your applications.

Sample Preparation & Antibody Development

What antigens can be used to make antibodies?

We develop antibodies to a wide variety of antigens including, but not limited to proteins, synthetic peptides, cell preparations, DNA, small molecules. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Can I order peptide synthesis at Precision Antibody service?

Yes, Precision Antibody Development Service provides all the services required for antibody development including peptide design, synthesis and peptide conjugation to carrier proteins.

Is help available for peptide/antigen design?

Yes, we provide free peptide design when you do an antibody development project with us. If you provide us with the amino acid sequence of the target protein, we will analyze and recommend peptide sequences to use for antibody development. In depth discussion in antigen design and screening strategy is the key to success.

How long does it take to synthesize a peptide?

About 2–4 weeks. If a rush order is needed, please inquire.

Does a peptide need to be conjugated to a carrier protein?

Yes, short synthetic peptides are not immunogenic. We will conjugate the peptide(s) to a carrier protein to increase the immune response to the peptide epitope. We provide peptide conjugation service.

What level of antigen purity is required?

Please provide the highest-purity antigen you can. For screening purposes, we will need at least 90% pure antigen (by HPLC, commassie blue staining, silver staining, etc). For immunization, the immunizing antigen may be less than 90% pure. Please inquire if you have purity concerns, we will be able to help.

I need help with an immunization strategy for my project. Can Precision Antibody Development Service help me?

Yes, we have extensive experience with various immunization strategies and screening strategies. Our staff immunologists can help you determine the best strategy for your project. Since antigen preparations can take some time, talk to us before you start your project. It is never too early to talk to us and develop antibody development strategies. In depth discuss with our scientist before and during antibody development is a key to our collective success. Please feel free to contact us.

How is antibody titer determined?

We test the serum from the immunized mice by ELISA. A fixed amount of antigen is coated on the microtiter plate. Serial dilutions of the serum from 1:1000 to 1:100,000 are prepared to determine the detectable titer of Ab in the serum specific to the target antigen.

How much antigen is required for antibody development?

0.5 mg to 1 mg; We prefer 1mg as this should be ample amount for immunization and screening steps of the antibody development process.

What buffer should my antigen be in?

We prefer antigens to be in PBS. If your antigen is in a different buffer, please let us know and we can determine if a buffer change is necessary.

What concentration should my antigen have?

1mg/ml is preferred. More concentrated antigen is fine. If your antigen has a concentration below 0.2mg/ml, please talk with us.

Can insoluble proteins be used for antibody development?

We have been able to generate antibodies against insoluble proteins using inclusion bodies. However, it is important that we have a pure, soluble protein for screening purposes. Please inquire with us if you have solubility concerns, our scientists will be more than happy to discuss and provide help.

How are clones identified?

Our initial screening is by ELISA. Additional screenings and assays are available. Our scientists have extensive experience in alternative screening assays. Please inquire regarding your specific project needs.

How should the antigen be shipped?

If the antigen is already frozen, please ship frozen. If the antigen is currently at 4 degrees, it may be shipped frozen or on ice packs.

Antibody Production & Purification

How are antibodies produced at Precision Antibody?

The majority of our antibodies are produced in vitro; however, we also have the capability to produce antibody by ascites.

What are the growth conditions for the hybridomas?

We provide the growth and freezing conditions for the hybridoma cell lines.

How many clones are included in the basic service?

We guarantee at least one clone that works for you in your intended assay. Shipment of up to five clones is included in the basic service. If you wish to keep more clones, each additional clone in excess of the five are available at a price of $200 per clone.

What if the antibody does not work in my intended assay?

If we do not provide an antibody that works for you in your assay, we will work with you to try another approach. If, ultimately, we cannot provide an antibody that works for you, we will not charge you for the Cloning and Screening phase of the project.

Who owns the rights of the hybridoma clones and antibodies?

The hybridomas and antibodies are exclusively your property, unless other arrangements are made. We welcome collaborative development efforts. Please feel free to contact us regarding these special research arrangements.

Can I have my antibody mass produced and purified?

Yes, Precision Antibody Development Service is a one-stop shopping service offering all the services including mass production (mg to g) & purification of antibodies. We purify antibodies using Protein G or Protein A affinity columns. Antibody concentration is determined by A280.

What other services do you provide?

Our services include:

  1. mAb development
  2. peptide synthesis
  3. peptide conjugation
  4. Ab production & purification
  5. Antibody/protein conjugation
  6. Antibody characterization

If additional service is required, please inquire.

Are the projects confidential?

Yes, your projects are held in strict confidentiality. If desired, we will execute non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

Shipping & Billing

Do you develop antibodies for international customers?

Yes, we have successfully completed projects for customers all over the world.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, direct deposits, and credit cards. We accept purchase orders from established clients and invoice when project is complete. Our payment terms are net 10 days.