In Vitro Antibody Production

Precision Antibody™ has broad experience in small scale (mg to 10 mg) to large scale (100 mg to g) production of monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma cells, CHO cells, and HEK293 cells. 

The antibody production rate differs from clone to clone. Precision Antibody™ offers two types of production services:

I.  Production based on the volume of culture medium: 10 ml ~ 40 L

II.  Production based on the amount of antibody: 50 mg ~ grams

Precision Antibody’s™ team will help you choose the best method to produce your monoclonal antibodies. When you need a specific amount of antibody to be produced over 50 mg, we will perform a pilot production to determine the scale of culture to set up to attain the goal. Precision Antibody™ has culture capacities of up to 40 L.

In Vivo Production

Precision Antibody™ also has an AAALAC accredited animal facility for ascites production. Occasionally, we encounter hybridoma cells that do not produce monoclonal antibodies in in vitro systems. Ascites production can be achieved using nude mice/rats or syngeneic host mice as an alternative method to produce such monoclonal antibodies. Ascites production often yields higher concentrations of monoclonal antibody. We prefer to use nude athymic mice for ascites production to eliminate the contamination of endogenous mouse IgG.

Summary of Production Methods We Support:
Static Culture – up to 200 ml
Roller bottle culture
Gas permeable culture bags 50ml – 2 L
CelLine disposable flasks
FiberCell Hollow fiber system
Shaker flask 3.5-1 L
BioFlo 320 bioreactor system 5 to 40 L
Ascites nude mice production

Antibody Purification

Precision Antibody™ offers several different methods for antibody production.

I.  Affinity purification using Protein A, G, A/G, L, or Mellon.
II.  Affinity purification using antigen affinity column.
III. Classical IEC and SEC purification.

We also offer additional services including endotoxin testing, sterility testing, isoelectric focusing, aggregation testing, and cell banking.


Certificate of Analysis (SDS-PAGE, EIA, and Ab quant-based on A280) can be provided.

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