Precision Antibody is a global leader in custom antibody development services. We have a track record of delivering successful projects to our customers in record time. We provide comprehensive services covering all applications from research tools, diagnostic to therapeutic antibody development.

Precision Antibody was founded by scientists, is run by scientists, and created for scientists. Our services have been designed by our team of immunologists and have been sought after by major pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic companies, together with many well-known academic and government Institutions. We deliver antibodies that work in your intended application. Please contact us if you do not find a specific service item you are looking for. We can design and customize your project and generate the exact antibody you need.

Custom Antibody Development

  • Learn more about our Custom Antibody Development. LEARN MORE.

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  • Novel monoclonal antibody development in just 40-60 days! Precision Antibody uses its proprietary procedures and platform to rapidly generate application specific monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Precision Antibody customizes project strategies to ensure the delivery of mAbs that work in the intended applications. LEARN MORE.

    Precision Antibody has developed numerous antibodies for:

    • Diagnostic applications (Sandwich ELISA, Lateral flow, Flow cytometer, IHC, and others)
    • Therapeutic applications (Neutralizing, Agonistic, and Internalizing)
    • Anti-Idiotypic antibodies (anti-Paratopes and Idiotopes
    • Neo Epitope-specific antibodies (Post-translational modification sites and Cleavage Site)
    • Immuno-MRM (Mass Spec)
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  • Rat and mouse polyclonal antibody development service: At times you may encounter the situation “I needed that antibody, yesterday!!” Well, PA cannot reverse the time to accommodate your needs, but we offer the next best option and develop high-affinity hyperimmune serum in less than 3 weeks using mice or rats. Affinity purification will add additional 7-10 days. The development of rat polyclonal antibody is the most popular option for many of our customers. Due to the high specific IgG titer we achieve, even a smaller amount of serum goes a long way in your research.

    Rabbit polyclonal antibody development service: PA offers traditional rabbit polyclonal antibody development service. We have 60 or 90-day protocols and continuous production of antibody is possible.We also offer antibody purification services from rabbit polyclonal serum. (see Antibody Production and Purification section)

    Please contact our specialist for rabbit polyclonal service.
    For immunization of larger animals, please inquire.

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  • PA offers fully human antibody development using transgenic mice. Precision Antibody uses its proprietary procedures and platform to rapidly generate specific therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. We are capable to developing a large number of antigen-specific clones producing fully human IgG in about 60 days. Please inquire. LEARN MORE.

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Antibody Characterization

  • Take the guess work out of your next immunoassay development by incorporating cost-effective and informative label-free binding kinetics analysis of your antibodies. The detection and characterization of antibody-antigen interactions using equipment capable of a real time label-free binding analysis have introduced a new era in antibody screening and characterization. Precision Antibody has been providing antibody characterization services using Biacore™ and Octet RED96 to enhance our cutting edge antibody characterization capabilities and services. LEARN MORE.

    The following are Biacore and Octet services that Precision Antibody provides our customers:

    • Confirmatory Screening of antibodies using unlabeled free antigen in solution.
    • Antibody Quantification
    • Antibody Scouting/Affinity Based Antibody Ranking
    • Epitope Binning/Antibody Pairing
    • Full Binding Kinetic Analysis
    • Small Molecule Kinetics
    • Custom Assays
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  • PA provides the following assays for antibody characterizations:

    • Antibody isotyping for class and subclass determination
    • Isoelectric point determination for mAb
    • Detection of oligomers by analytical SEC
    • VH and VL Sequencing
    • VH and VL Cloning
    • Epitope mapping
    • Custom Assays
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Specialized Assays

  • Antibody internalization assay can be performed for clients interested in the development of ADCs.

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  • Ligand binding inhibition assay can be performed for clients interested in the development of neutralizing antibodies.

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  • PA offers the development of various enzyme immunoassays including the conjugation of labels to the primary antibodies. Optimal sandwich ELISA assay development to select the best capture and detection antibody pairs with desired dynamic range and sensitivity. Optimization of assay to determine the LLD and LLQ can also be performed.
    PA also can manufacture prototypes of ready to use sandwich ELISA kits. Once the assay is developed, PA can perform stability studies (accelerated and real time) of the lit components and the assembled kits. (see Other Services section)

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  • PA offers Protein Simple WES assay to select antibodies that work in western blot application.

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  • PA offers cancer cell-line screening for target expression using Protein Simple WES with up to 45 selected human cancer cell lines.

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  • PA offers various flow-based assays to select antibodies that detect antigens expressed on cell surface to identification of neutralizing and internalizing antibodies.

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  • Not all antibodies work in IHC application. PA performs various antigen retrieval tests and select antibodies that work in IHC application.

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Antibody Production & Purification

  • PA produces antibodies from milligram to gram scale from hybridomas, stable cell lines and transiently transfected cells in serum-free medium using various culture methods as well as from ascites. LEARN MORE.

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  • PA performs various purification methods:

    • Protein A and/or G purification is most common method for purifying mAbs.
    • Antigen affinity chromatography is used for polyclonal antibody purification.
    • PA can also perform classical ion exchange chromatograpy and size exclusion chromatography for antibody purification.
    • PA will deliver antibodies in desired specification, including Buffer, Concentration, and Vialing.

    All purified antibodies are QAQC’d for purity and functionality and are delivered sterile filtered with Certificate of Analysis. LEARN MORE.

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  • Transient or stable expression of IgG in CHO cells for the production of recombinant antibodies.

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Other Services

  • PA offers epitope mapping service using various biochemical methods. Please inquire.

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  • PA performs humanization service using 5 methods generating at least 25 different humanized antibodies. The binding parameters for each humanized antibody is tested and compared to the parent mAb allowing the selection of best humanized antibody. Further polishing of humanization can be performed to reduce immunogenicity.

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  • PA offers cell banking service for hybridomas and cell lines. PA can generate master cell banks and working cell banks. Cell banks can be stored at our facility in the vapor phase of Lab 40 liquid nitrogen cryo-storage tank or can be shipped to the location of your choice. LEARN MORE.

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  • PA offers accelerated and real-time stability study for your antibodies. Accelerated studies can be performed at 3-4 different temperatures in temperature-controlled environmental chambers.

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