Why Choose Precision Antibody? Founded by scientists, run by scientists, and created for scientists, we are experts in antibody development, but what makes us different from all the other antibody development experts out there? Our founder, Dr. Jun Hayashi, is an accomplished Developmental Immunologist who has established the antibody development platform unique to the company. Our CEO, Dr. Ginette Serrero, is a Cancer Biologist with expertise in Biochemistry and target discovery which adds basic understanding and solving of biological questions to the antibody development strategy. They have worked together for over 20 years and have had long and successful careers in Academia and Industry.

Together, they lead Precision Antibody with a core team of Ph.Ds. with expertise in Immunology, Cancer Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology, and Developmental Biology. Our team’s wide range of skills and knowledge allows us to understand your goal in the global biology context, which aids us in providing professional guidance in designing and implementing a perfect project and successfully developing antibodies that meet customers’ expectations.

Today, many companies still use hybridoma technology developed by Kohler and Milstein in 1975 to generate monoclonal antibodies. Precision Antibody has been the first CRO to introduce single hybridoma cell cloning in the generation of monoclonal antibodies, while many others were still using the limited dilution technique for over 45 years.

While the selection of monoclonal antibodies still uses ELISA screening, Precision Antibody considers biophysical characterization of the antibody and adds necessary information to use during the clone selection process.

In 2007, Precision Antibody was the first to incorporate Biacore assay into the antibody characterization during the development process.

In 2010, Precision Antibody incorporated Intellicyte in our clone selection process, aiming at antibody development against cell surface targets. This high throughput flow-based clone screening allows us to inform our clients and helps them make informed antibody selections.

In 2015, we incorporated Protein Simple WES in our screening process to facilitate a rapid quantitative high throughput validation of antibodies that work in IP, IHC, and Western blot assays. We also offer cancer cell-line screening for target expression using Protein Simple WES with up to 45 selected human cancer cell lines.

In 2021, we began offering new innovative technologies:

  1. High throughput digital SPR service allowing many label-free screening and affinity measurements.
  2. High throughput variable region DNA sequencing of mouse and human antibodies.
  3. Total Antibody Technology (TAT) screens all the hybridomas against the target antigen.
  4. Fully human monoclonal antibody development technology.

We regularly incorporate cutting-edge technologies offering the most advanced strategy to our customers’ antibody discovery goals and projects. Precision Antibody is always looking into the future.

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