Every custom antibody development project is unique. Precision Antibody will sit with you and design the project that delivers antibodies that meets your specific needs. You will receive our attentive understanding of your goals, our expert recommendations, and the highest quality service. Our goal is your success.

Design Your Project

Every antibody development project is unique and understanding of biology behind each project is important. Precision Antibody scientists have vast scientific background in immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and cancer biology.

A carefully planned, well-defined antibody development strategy almost always provides good results. Your project starts with an in-depth discussion with detailed attention to your needs between the PI and our scientists. Particular attention will be given to your intended assay so that we can help you choose appropriate immunogen and screening strategies. Scientists at our R&D department are continually improving our state-of-the-art proprietary technology to achieve cost-effective development of quality antibodies to serve you better.

We pride ourselves on having a success rate of over 95% delivering the antibodies that work in your intended applications.

Call us at 410-884-4100, email orders@precisionantibody.com, or try our online quote request form. We provide free consultation and an exact price quote for all antibody projects.

Our Process

Here is a typical segment of our monoclonal antibody development project:

1. Tell us your goal 
We at Precision Antibody want to learn about your goals so that we can custom design a project that will cover all your requirements.  We have expertise in a wide range of antibody development from straight-forward projects like an antibody against a peptide, to more “challenging” projects developing an antibody that recognizes a single amino acid mutation, or a specific cleavage site. For a full description of types of antibodies we develop, please visit Our Services.

Finalize the Plan

2. Finalize the Plan
Precision Antibody will design your project through in-depth communication with you. We will discuss multiple approaches to meet your goals.  At the end of the discussion, we will put together a Statement of Work.  Based on the SOW, PA will issue a quote. All the discussions whether we have executed CDA or not will be kept confidential. Once all steps have been approved and finalized, it is time to get started! We understand how important your project is, so we will keep you informed every step along the progression of your project. Our project manager will send you updates after every step and guide you through the next steps. We will work together closely to help you achieve your goal.

3. Optimize Your Antigen to Meet Your Goals
Every successful project starts from well-thought out optimized antigen design. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable immunologists will optimize your target for immunization. Our services include but not limited to goal-specific antigen design using our proprietary TED technology that transforms non- or weak immunogens to become highly immunogenic, designing appropriate immunogen targeting multi-span transmembrane proteins, and design strategies for small molecule targets.

4. Find and Execute the Best Immunization Strategy Precision Antibody’s proprietary immunization technology is designed to be tailored to your project. All variables are considered to assure we can obtain the best titer in a short amount of time (1:100,000 in 2 ½ weeks) which guarantees the best antibody. PA also offers specialized immunization strategies for cell based immunizations and other challenging targets.


5. Optimized Process for Hybridoma Generation and Screening
At the end of the initial immunization cycle, serum titer check will be performed. PA will not fuse unless a sufficient titer (higher than 3-times the control OD at serum dilution of 1:100,000) is obtained. PA uses electrofusion to ensure a high fusion rate and viability. Utilization of well-designed screening method is of a critical importance in the selection of hybridoma clones producing mAb of interest. Precision Antibody utilizes screening method most compatible with the intended application of your antibodies to ensure that the selected clones generate antibodies that meet your acceptance criteria.

PA will send you data at each milestone (Phase) to keep you up-to-date. we will guide you through the next phases that will lead you to the selection of best hybridoma(s) for your application. This may include Octet based binding affinity measurements, Protein Simple WES assay, and flow-based functional assays. Please view our full list of our services.

PA has experience making antibodies against vastly different targets that work in the intended applications:

Target Molecules

Small molecules, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids, synthetic polymers, peptides, proteins, receptors (single and multi-transmembrane), glycotopes, bacterial and viral components, fungal components, allergens

Structural Moieties Cleavage site-specific antibodies
Antibodies against conformational epitopes
Post transcriptional modification site-specific antibodies
Mutation site-specific antibodies
Anti-idiotypic antibodies


Antibodies for PK studies (Anti-idiotypes)
Antibodies for immunogenicity studies (Anti-drug antibodies: ADA)
Antibodies for diagnostic use
Antibodies for Immuno mass spec (Immuno-MRM)
Antibodies for co-crystallization
Antibodies for sandwich ELISA and lateral flow assays
Antibodies for IHC
Antibodies for IP
Antibodies for Western blot and Wes

Functional Antibodies

Neutralizing antibodies
Agonistic antibodies
Internalizing antibodies

Assays Potency assays
Stability assays (real time & accelerated)
Internalization assays
Cell-line Expression Profiling
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)


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