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About Precision Antibody


Celebrating its 20th year in business, Precision Antibody has found itself in the forefront of the global Custom Antibody industry. Led by the innovative minds in immunology and antibody development field, Precision Antibody not only has implemented a cutting edge technique in antigen design, antibody development, production, and other analyses, but is also constantly working on ways to improve and advance technology to match the ever-changing world of Science.

Our Mission

To design the optimal project that will deliver antibodies that will work in your intended application.

WHO Are We?

Precision Antibody is a one-stop-shop for all of your antibody project needs. Our services range from Antigen Design, Antibody Development, Production and Characterization to Humanization and fully Human Antibody Development. Precision Antibody has consistent fast turnaround time, completing projects in less than half the time of our peers, with a success rate of 95% delivering the antibodies that work in the intended application. Since our founding in 2000, Precision Antibody has successfully developed many novel customized antibodies for several thousand projects and have provided our services to leading Pharmaceutical, and Diagnostic Companies, as well as top Federal and Academic Research Institutes all over the World.

WHY Choose Us?

Precision Antibody was founded by scientists, run by scientists, and created for scientists. We are experts in antibody development, but what makes us different from all the other antibody development experts out there? Precision Antibody’s founder Dr. Jun Hayashi is an accomplished Developmental Immunologist who has established the antibody development platform unique to the company. Dr. Ginette Serrero, CEO is a Cancer Biologist with expertise in Biochemistry and target discovery which add basic understanding and solving of biological questions to the antibody development strategy. They have been working together and have had long and successful careers in Academia and Industry. They lead Precision Antibody with a core team of Ph.Ds. with expertise in Immunology, Cancer Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology, and Developmental Biology. Our team’s wide range of skills and knowledge allows us to understand your goal in the global biology context and enable us to provide professional guidance in designing and implementing a perfect project to successfully develop antibodies that will meet customer’s expectations.

WHAT Is Unique About Us?

Hybridoma technology was developed by Kohler and Milstein in 1975. Many companies are still using the same technology today to generate monoclonal antibodies. Precision Antibody has been the first CRO to introduce single hybridoma cell cloning in the generation of monoclonal antibodies, while many others were still using limited dilution technique used since 1975.

While the selection of monoclonal antibodies is still based on ELISA screening, Precision Antibody considers biophysical characterization of the antibody adds necessary information to be used in the clone selection process. Precision Antibody was the first to incorporate Biacore assay in the characterization of the antibody during this development process in 2007.

In 2010, Precision Antibody incorporated Intellicyte in our clone selection process aiming at the development of antibodies against cell surface targets. This high throughput flow-based clone screening allows us to deliver pertinent information for antibody selection to our clients quickly.

In 2015, we have incorporated Protein Simple WES in our screening process to facilitate a rapid quantitative high throughput validation of antibodies that work in IP, IHC and Western blot assays. We also offer cancer cell-line screening for target expression using Protein Simple WES with up to 45 selected human cancer cell lines.

In 2021, we are offering new innovative technologies: 1. High throughput digital SPR service allowing a large number of label-free screening and affinity measurements; 2. High throughput variable region DNA sequencing of mouse and human antibodies; 3. Total Antibody Technology (TAT) that allows all of the hybridomas to be screened against the target antigen; and 4. Fully human monoclonal antibody development technology.

We are always incorporating cutting-edge technologies offering the most advanced strategy to our customers’ antibody discovery goals and projects. Precision Antibody is always looking into the future.


Precision Antibody is located in an 11,000 sq ft AAALAC and OLAW certified facility in Columbia, in the biotech corridor of the State of Maryland, USA. We are proud to be offering the highest quality service to our customer in the US and all over the world. All our operations are performed at our site. We do not outsource any of our work to foreign countries where the cost can be less expensive.

Precision Antibody’s services are recognized for:

  • Consistently rapid turnaround on projects.
  • Constant communication with our clients about the project at each step starting with the design of project, selection of antigen and screening strategy.
  • Successful custom development and delivery of high-affinity, high-content, application-specific antibodies.
  • Ability to deliver on challenging projects, such as antibodies that recognize conformational changes, single amino acid mutation, cleavage site-specific antibodies, small molecules, glycans, or antibodies with a Kd as low as 1 x 10-12
  • Pay-as-you-go, milestone-based service whereby you only pay for the work that has been completed. Upon completion, all delivered clones are yours.

Quick Facts

Precision Antibody is a wholly owned service division of A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc. Founded by Dr. Ginette Serrero, Dr. Jun Hayashi, and Dr. Gordon Sato, A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc was established in 2000 based on Dr. Serrero’s discovery of the GP88/Progranulin growth factor protein and her pioneering research demonstrating its importance in the tumorigenesis of many cancers. A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc continues to produce innovative work in the advancement in Cancer research, as well as engineering new drug/test products that improve cancer detection, treatment, patient survival, and outcomes and deliver on the promise of personalized cancer care.

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