Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody Development

Precision Antibody has established an exclusive service arrangement with Trans Chromosomics (TC) to introduce a new service of developing Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody in 60 DAYS.

The drug antibody development is a lengthy process spanning target discovery, target validation, lead generation, preclinical studies to clinical trials. With the use of TC mice, we can significantly shorten the time for lead generation saving up to two years in the drug antibody development process.

To obtain human functional antibodies (neutralizing, internalizing, or agonistic) with desired affinity, the use of humanized mice to develop fully human monoclonal antibodies offers several advantages over the other methods.

TC mice stand out from the other commercialized humanized mice on the market for its significantly high degree of immunocompetence.

  1. The ability to develop fully human IgG by immunization. Antibodies developed with almost all other humanized mice will require further humanization.
  2. The ability to mount strong immune response to the immunogen in short period of time (21 days). Many humanized mice do not mount good immune response required for the development of antibodies with desired specificity and function.
  3. The ability to generate B cell repertoire closely resembling normal human repertoire as seen by the fact that the average length of CD3RH and amino-acid usage obtained with TC mice are similar to human PBMC (see Figure, above).
  4. The ability to generate a large number of antigen-specific B cell population.
  5. The ability to produce expanded antigen-specific B cell population.
  6. The ability to generate many hybridoma cells producing antigen-specific fully human IgG in a short period of time (~60 days: see Table, above).

Precision Antibody is setting a NEW STANDARD:
Fully Human MAB Development in ~60 Days!
Accelerating Drug Antibody Development to a New Level.

Projects are discussed with our scientists from the start and are milestone-based.

Precision Antibody offers the following related services:

  1. Variable region sequence determination of human antibodies using MiSeq.
  2. Cell line development.
  3. Production up to gram quantities of antibodies.
  4. Anti-ID development for PK and ADA assays.
  5. Reverse engineering of human antibodies to generate mouse monoclonal counterpart.

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DISCLAIMER: All clones developed are the customer’s property. Precision Antibody does not retain any ownership. We are happy to exchange CDA, NDA, & MSA.

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